Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Your left is there where your thumb on the right is

It's perfectly possible to be laboring under the illusion that what you're doing is working and, it also may seem that way.

The patch I posted compiled, but created a new directory (see mistake 1). I have no idea why it compiled, but it did and so I just assumed that will be correct.

This time, the moments when I didn't keep a log came back to bite me.

Mistake 1) getting confuzzled and switching prefixes -- I ended up with libgtest and gtestlib. One of the worked but was wrong; the other was correct, but broken.

Mistake 2) Littering. I left an exploration hack around which added an extra 'lib' to one of the macro expansion and ended up with liblibgtest being sought. Plus I forgot I had done it and had to sleuth for 10 mins.

Mistake 3) Not changing all occurences of gtest properly.

Mistake 4) not having a test for 'correct compile', and I didn't even consider what 'done' means...