Sunday, 18 January 2015

Search, and ye shall find (or not) search at it's finest:

Search results for 'LIVER'

We have found 1 result for LIVER

Did you mean to search for 'love'?

With much hope, I clicked on the link, but, alas:

Search results for 'love'

We did not find any products to match 'love'

Oh well, I'll just have to stick to liver instead... ;-D

Or... maybe some of Charlie Parker's version of 'Love for Sale':

(Actually, I already bought that, some time ago...)

Friday, 16 January 2015

Today is nmap day

The journey to Ireland was a lot of fun (Wales:  lots of sheep, perfectly lined up pylons and very pretty hills), I love ferry trips, especially if the boat is 200mtrs long and I can get a seat in the front right over the bow.  It was rather stormy, but the stabilisers worked very well, and we left Holyhead just before sunset and arrived to a grand harbour light show in Dublin at night.

{pretty nice artists' impression, I forgot to take my own picture}

With all the housewifely chores done (shopping, unpacking, finding out how the house works etc), it is time to do something productive, and because I of course forgot to copy my code over from campion (which is sitting in a container somewhere for the next few weeks), I won't be doing any coding, but decided that today is nmap day.

Part of the nmap book is online, and it's quite a fun, easy read. (at least, so far... ;-)

Music to go with this study session:

Friday, 9 January 2015

The Raven Dinner Party Recipe

A friend sent me this wonderful 'The Raven' Video.  (gzip and poetry! Oh My!)

It would make a great overlay for Alan Parsons' The Raven song video on the Tales of Mystery and Imagination album.

"The Raven" features actor Leonard Whiting on lead vocals, with Alan Parsons performing vocals through an EMI vocoder. According to the album's liner notes, "The Raven" was the first rock song to feature a digital vocoder."

The entire album is probably one of the finest ever made.  Well worth getting the original Vinyl and a proper old school stereo with serious speakers for.   Everything about it is perfect!

Each song is about one of Poe's stories, here is a sample:                                  

The Cask of AmontilladoStory mp3Story htmlSong Video
The Tell-tale Heart :  Story mp3Story html,  Song Video

The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether :  Story mp3,  Story html,  Song Video 
I adore all three of them, ...just don't listen to them before bed time.  They all are a little bit darrrrk...

Candle light, ale (and/or Amontillado, plus Champagne) and fine dining are optional (but highly recommended, for a great themed dinner party experience).

Note that all of the stories are lovely to read aloud and just the right length for the necessary breaks in a 3 course meal.

Bon Appetite!