Friday, 16 January 2015

Today is nmap day

The journey to Ireland was a lot of fun (Wales:  lots of sheep, perfectly lined up pylons and very pretty hills), I love ferry trips, especially if the boat is 200mtrs long and I can get a seat in the front right over the bow.  It was rather stormy, but the stabilisers worked very well, and we left Holyhead just before sunset and arrived to a grand harbour light show in Dublin at night.

{pretty nice artists' impression, I forgot to take my own picture}

With all the housewifely chores done (shopping, unpacking, finding out how the house works etc), it is time to do something productive, and because I of course forgot to copy my code over from campion (which is sitting in a container somewhere for the next few weeks), I won't be doing any coding, but decided that today is nmap day.

Part of the nmap book is online, and it's quite a fun, easy read. (at least, so far... ;-)

Music to go with this study session: