Friday, 29 March 2013

My Reading List

Producing Open Software (2006)

A useful road map for anyone who wants to join or found a FOSS project.  It explains the social, organizational and legal issues that can arise.  Anyone needing to manage people will learn a lot from this.

Advanced Programming in the Unix environment (∞)

This is a pleasant, easy read, at least it starts that way, I'm on page 90, and it will probably get tougher.  It will teach you everything you always thought you knew about Unix, properly.  Read it all :)

The Art of Unix Programming (2003)

All about the culture, history and design philosophy of Unix, plus lots of tips and tricks. 

Object-Oriented Progamming in ANSI-C(1993)

I have to admit something.  I underestimated C.  26 keywords, I coded in C or similiar languages for years, so... what could possibly go wrong?  Then I saw OO C, and it could not be unseen.  This book helped me understand what is going on!

How to write shared Libraries (2011)

This will give you a framework and an appreciation of what you're dealing with when you play with libtool, or work with a project that uses shared libraries.

C Traps and Pitfalls (C-89)

Bugs!  You thought your bug story was bad?  Read these and learn (or just admire the problems from a safe distance...)

Unix Power Tools (2003)

This book was a life-saver so far, if you work through this, you're equipped for starting to study in earnest.