Thursday, 18 April 2013

Yesterday was my last OPW day...

...and do take note that the door I opened in the previous post was a way-in and not a way-out :)

Without OPW I wouldn't have taken up coding again --- In fact I'm very surprised at myself that I am (nearly almost!) a geekess again.  But so it is indeed, I have be given partial commit access to Subversion, and some of the work I produced was good enough to be added to the project.

What's more, with almost every failure I learned a lot -- the Subversion devs are a fount of knowledge and very generous with useful advice and constructive, direct feedback.

I plan to continue to contribute to Subversion --- I only just started to make inroads into producing functional code, so now I can finally get to actually be productive.

I would like to thank the OPW team and Elego for providing me with both opportunity and motivation.