Monday, 6 January 2014

μηδέν άγαν {nothing in excess}

One of my (very patient) mentors made the following very true observation about me:

By the way, designing features based on speculation is usually not a good idea. (...)  Maybe there's a bug report in our tracker requesting such functionality? If not, perhaps you don't need to worry too much about that scenario.

I have a habit of assuming the worst case and then try to create something that (hopefully) solves for the entire range of problems/issues that might occur.

This sounds like it's a good thing, and sometimes it is, at other times, it isn't, because the sky is not about to fall.[1]

I've been thinking why that is so. and my best guess is that this probably a function of OO coding on the MUD, where anything and everything can cause surprises, because things interact whilst interactively interacting.

If you've ever replaced 20+ players lives, stats, xp points and equipment because your fun toy caused a chain reaction that you hadn't considered... you get extra careful after the umpteenth time ;-D

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[1] From the Omega game:
(you walk into the establishment)
Rampart Healers. Member RMA.
a: Heal injuries (50 crowns)
b: Cure disease (250 crowns)
ESCAPE: Leave these antiseptic alcoves.
(you hit ESCAPE)
OK, but suppose you have Acute Satyriasis?