Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Om Nom Nom.

I'm having a tough time.

I signed up for the Coursera Automata Class, and it reminds me of the Schraraffenland Fairytale: to get to the fabled country where delicious fried birds fly into your mouth and pralines grow from bushes, you have to eat your way through a mountain of pumpernickel.

Om nom nom. 

(I will probably need to take this class twice, once for the measure, once to sink in)

File under:
'And you do Addition?' the White Queen asked. 'What's one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one?' 'I don't know,' said Alice. 'I lost count.' 'She can't do Addition,' the Red Queen interrupted.
                                                                           Through the Looking-glass

(Maybe I should make this into a t-shirt ;-)

I'm also reading through 'The Linux Programming Interface'  book and I'm now starting to cycle down into re-reading the chapters and doing the exercises [(I'm half-way through the book in the first sitting, time for some action), and whilst I'm having fun learning the basics, maybe you would enjoy refining your systems programming jutsu at the same time and heckle a beginner in style ;-)]

If you want to pile in, mail me.

Music I'm listening to:

(this is probably more 'ye olde jazz head stuff' -- but if you spool forward a bit to 10:35, you find some easier listening.  That said, Michel Petrucciani is just wonderful.  Yeah, some stuff is wild, but it always has soul(and much jump). Lots of it.)

Finally, my latest culinary foible is 'sharpening carrots':

See it in action:

Stuff the resulting peel with anything!  Om Nom Nom :-)

{{{ Life is good! }}}