Tuesday, 5 May 2015

How to grab every mp3 from a Feedburner page

My little Apple finally died[1] and the major loss was my collection of the entire History of Rome podcast, by Mike Duncan.  Oh noes!

Sadly, Feedburner doesn't provide a big zip file of all the episodes, which is understandable, since it would be huge.

I could hunt around for a browser extension that does a mass download, but this is quicker, safer and way more fun:

Save the above file to your 'history_of_rome' directory as 'hist.xml'

Preferably overnight(if your 'broadband' comes via the phone line...), in the bash shell do this:

$ grep -e "enclosure url=" hist.xml | sed -e 's/[^"]*"//' -e 's/".*//' | xargs wget

And hopefully, if all goes well, in the morning you'll have this:

FINISHED --2015-05-05 02:06:31--
Total wall clock time: 2h 26m 38s
Downloaded: 191 files, 2.0G in 2h 24m 49s (240 KB/s)


You say that this podcast is a little bit short for such a long story?  Well, there's lots more out there, but this is my second favourite series:

[1] And, after all this, I found that the Apple actually wasn't broken, but the USB port I plugged in for a recharge was.  ;-D