Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Emotional about Google Emojis

UPDATE:  After updating my browser, options to turn of the ugly ducklings appeared as a selector drop down next to my hangout name.  Still, if you move options to another place, at least leave a forwarding address! (This is why I hate upgraded stuff.  One forever has to hunt around to figure out wither stuff went --- the only thing I enjoy looking for is Easter Eggs...!)

Update to the update:  The ducks are back.  My side of the chat displays duck free, but now, people sending me emoticons still cause a duck invasion on my screen.  Solution:  revert to the old hangout, lose Hangout groups.  Oh well, there's always IRC for group chats I guess.


If you're using Google hangouts or Gmail, you probably have noticed the invasion of hideous blobs that look like demented rubber ducks, where once classic smilies graced your mails and other utterances.

And there is no way of turning this 'feature' off, neither in gmail nor in hangout.

Ve hav ways and mezzods of making you use our stoopid design.

Nope. Not. Even. For. Free.  And not even if you paid me. Gerrroffff my lawn!!!1!!!

(Why so angry?)

I dunno.  It's an invasion of my personal space, and whilst I'm all for new inventions, I don't like being dictated to.  Plus, did I mention those emojis simply are hideous?

And yes, I also resent the waste of time of me having to research and then set up a new email client.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a comprehensive collection of kiddie chic eyesores, in their full gory: