Friday, 15 November 2013

Fayzah Ahmed & Band

I'm not sure what I admire most about this video:

The VOICE.  So beautiful, so skilled, so much feeling.

The dress.  When singers still had taste.  And decorum.

The band.  Is there an instrument missing?  And they READ! 

The musicians.  The concentration and volta is wonderful.  Plus, they dress like gentlemen.  With class.

The crowd.  They are WILD!

The stage decoration.  Wish I had that in my living room!

Ok, I admit this is is probably a little uncomfortable to listen to if you're used to a western scale, but once you've wrapped your eardrums around the scale... it's simply gorgeous, and given that not even Zappa and Bird surprise me anymore with their music, I'm much appreciative of the fact that I cannot anticipate this music, and every note is still a surprise, no matter how often I listen to it.