Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My day/week/month is made!

Julian Foad said:

"Your BRANCH-README file <> is a fantastic window into the branch, much more detailed and helpful than the rest of us ever write. I can easily see exactly what the whole feature does, how it's structured, and what your plans are, without having been paying close attention. I'm mentioning this mainly so anybody else contemplating taking a look at this knows this is a good place to start reading. And I'm pleased to see you have taken care to adhere to our coding style. "

It's the most wonderful compliment I've heard in years :)

{And, to be honest, writing this BRANCH-README helped me a lot in getting things done and keep me focused on what I was (and am) trying to do.  It was danielsh who suggested that I should write one (ironically I initially omitted it, despite fixing a part of the hacking guide entry for this most excellent advice.)}

Don't delay, write _your_ BRANCH-README today!