Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ye cannae change the laws o' physics!

Just a heads up to everyone, the EU decided that from September 2014 onwards, maximum wattage on vacuums shall be 1600W, and some times after that, 900W.

This is being sold as 'new technology' that retains the same 'airwatts' and saves energy.

The recipe for this free lunch?  Why, we made the intake smaller, and the 'airwatts rating'  stays the same.  Profit!

Result?  You have a dustier house or vacuum longer.  Not fun for people with allergies or bad backs.  So you might want to consider buying  a Miele 2200 watt vacuum (I did)

How do I know this?  Well, I designed myself a ventilation system for my glassblowing hobby so that I don't breathe the fumes and the dust is carried away.

I have the same torch (Arnold Herbert 50mm) as this guy:

The ship I dream of building but never will (I'm not strong enough, they weigh a ton):

I'm nowhere near as good as these guys, I just make humble glass fairy wands to decorate my houseplant collection, tiny sculptures and some pretty glass beads to wear.  I bought the Herbie because it's a one knob operation that gives me a pinpoint flame and a serious flamethrower in one easy turn.  I like clear borosilicate for it's ice-like appearance and soft glass for it's lovely colors.

Also, the herbie has a pilot flame, so I can use a foot pedal to save on air, oxygen and propane, since a lot of the time in glass blowing is spent letting the glass 'coast' and that doesn't need a flame, just patience to let the glass find it's own shape.  It's  a little bit like programming in that sense, you code some stuff and then it magically takes shape as you think about what you just created :-)

It's all about the process.

Word of warning: glassblowing is as, if not more addictive than coding!