Monday, 1 December 2014

Clean, sliced Data. It's what's for dinner!

Difficulties with data? 
Just curry the lot with coconuts and prawns, and eat it.  
Problem solved.
Guten Appetit!

Ibco Clean Sliced Data 400G

Cleaned sliced data (Amaranthus Lividus)

Ibco Brand frozen vegetables are carefully hand picked, cleaned, washed and processed in the most advanced technology to preserve the natural taste and texture of the product. We take great care to ensure that all Ibco Brand products reach you in perfect condition every time.

Pack Size: 400g

Specially selected and freshly frozen
Cleaned ready to cook
Premium quality

Preparation and Usage: 

Cooking Method
Remove from packaging and defrost at room temperature for 2-3 hours.
Cook like fresh Vegetable.
The above are guidelines only.
Please ensure your food is cooked until piping hot.

Food freezers* **** Until Expiry Date
Star Marked frozen food compartment
*** 3 months
** 1 month
* 1 week
Ice making compartment 3 days
Refrigerator 24 hours
*Should be -18°C or below

Country of Origin: