Saturday, 16 January 2016

Fun with TypeScript

I've been asked to check out TypeScript. So, I did! What do I think of it so far? 

Well, it looks dangnabbit good (I like strong typing. Probably my OCD, and why I am not so gone on snake code, although I think/know I'm just being precious, snake is ok, sort of, as I said, would not code a whole one).

But, does TypeScript blend?

I'm going to try and port 'Fail to plan, plan to fail' with a view of making it more generic and turn this into a useful(?) component for other stuff. I _even_ have a cunning plan.

In other news, doing any kind of Android dev is still kind of very slooooow.  I keep meaning to, I've got all the stuff installed on my windows lappie, but, ummm, it just takes so long. I have a list of 35 useful(ish) apps I can think of, mostly stuff that should be quick to make, but quick is relative here. :( By the time this has loaded (eventually), I'm already doing something else (twice over), and it ties my lappie up, so I really need to dedicate one entire machine (and a parking place with nesting space) to it.

Obligatory vid for this post: