Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dress to code -- sew cosy sleeves

Sitting at the keyboard leads to having cold forearms, which in turn, results in cold hands.  Turning the heating up usually ends up with me being too warm, whilst my hands and arms still remain icy.

What is needed here is sleeves -- which are so practical (and decorative) but never found on sale anywhere.

I make mine like this: Cut 2 patches of stretchy material (velvet, cotton, lycra, etc) so that you have wrist + 4cm at one end (so it can slide a bit over your hand) and elbow + 3 cm, and as long as your arm, so that you get a nice crinkle effect and the entire contraption is comfy.

Hem broadly on both ends(so it sits well and does not roll, 2cm at the wrist, 3 cm at the top), sew together lengthwise with 0.5cms seam allowance, job done.