Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Outlambda'd !

So, I decide to mail a MUD friend with my OPW success to brag a little about my 'Supersize Me' coding experiment and he shows me his 'Superconcise Me' project!


John Tromp scooped "Most Functional" in the 2012 International Obfuscated C contest!

       Int L[A],m,b,*D=A,
      ?e?e-3?s(D=a),C=a  [3],++1[a=a[2]],d(
     D):c?D=c,c=*D,*D=    a,a=D:exit(L[C+1])
    :C--<23?C=u+m&1?O      =O+O|C&1,9:write(m
   ||(O=C+28),&O,1)+        1:(S(),x(0<b++?k(0,
  6),U[-5]=96:0)):(          D=B?B:calloc(4,X))
 ?B=*D,*D=c,c=D,D[            2]=a,a[++D[1]]++,D
[3]=++C+u:exit(6)              )e=L[C++],u=L[C];}

I don't know the name of the program(this is the obfuscated C contest after all...), but I think it's the Lambda beast.  

And suddenly the Subversion octopus does not look quite as scary anymore, relatively speaking (however, no easier at all!)  If the 'Lamda beast' was a song, I think it would sound like this:

Gratz John, and thank you for a lovely coding perl!