Saturday, 5 January 2013

My First Blog post (Hello World reloaded)

The Apache Foundation Subversion team has accepted me as their Gnome Outreach Program for Women intern for the next 3 month.

My current project list is as follows:
Community Guide: complete the 3 patches that are due, 2 minor changes, one section on how to make changes to the website ETA : Week 1

Add gtest to the build system for C++ Bindings. ETA : week 3
The svn diff project: Bug 2044 and Bug 2447 ETA : week 6

The svnadmin freeze project ETA : week 12

+ other bugfixes as directed
+ projects discovered by grepping for 'FIXMEs' etc
+ another project if I happen to run out of work :)

Those are very conservative estimates -- I have not coded anything in 10 years and so, I have no sensible way of estimating how long I will need to complete this.

My goal is to code as much as I possibly can and see just how much I manage (re)learn in 3 month -- I've never worked with coders as good as are on the Subversion team, so this is as close to 'Supersize Me' as one's coding hobby can get.

Maybe it can be done, maybe it can't. I'm going to try!