Monday, 28 October 2013

Char Sui chasing Bratwurst & Eggs chasing Chicken Kiev chasing Omlette

Day 1:

Make lots of cuts into the top of a pork belly.  If you like, stab it with a needle too(or a bunch of needles you tied together), as many times as you can be bothered.  Put on a trivet on a plate uncovered into the fridge to dry out, overnight.

Day 2:

In the morning, rub the belly top with ground sea salt working the grains into the cuts.  Make a mix of 1TB  fishsauce, 1 tsp Fivespice powder, 2 TBL vodka, 2 TBL rosewater, pour into a tray with sides that the belly can sit in.

Bathe the non-salted parts of the belly in this,  leave to sit for 3-4 hours.  Dab the moisture off the top, bathe the sides of the belly again, and rub some more salt into the top.  Leave to sit another 3-6 hours. Wipe the top again.

Now take a pyrex tray (I like the big quiche forms) put the trivet back, place belly in skin side down, cover with foil and bake @150 C in a convection microwave (oven only!) for 30 minutes.  Remove the foil, bake another 30 minutes, douse in whatever marinade was left.    Turn over on the trivet.  Bake (no nuke!) another 10-15 minutes @ 170C, until the skin blisters.

Grab a big black iron wo or fry pan.  Put a big hunk of beef tallow in so it's about 2cm deep in the very middle, heat smoking hot.  Sling the belly in, skin down and cover this show with a fat guard (also, wear an apron and stand back, this can and will spit) and watch the skin crackle and pop like popcorn.  When it looks nice, remove, turn over and put on the cutting board.  Eat in slices.  Works great cold too! (and stays crunchy, so it's lunch box material!)

Day 3: 

Heat the wo again, cook 2-3 belly slices for breakfast, along with 2-3 eggs.

Heat the wo yet again, and fry a bratwurst along with 2-3 eggs for lunch.

In afternoon, go to work on a big fat chicken, Pepin style:

Note: Pepin doesn't remove the Parson's nose(ie, the tail) here -- and that usually has the glands the birds use to oil their feathers with, and that doesn't taste that nice.  So I always cut it off and chuck it. (If you have a deserving doggie, then a few minutes in the nuke will make a good treat from this)

The chicken roll Pepin demonstrates is very nice(as is all of his food!), but for my purposes, I split the bird up, and peel the skin off the chicken breast halves.

Grab another pyrex quiche dish again.  Put the chicken breast halves like yin and yang, sprinkle with Italian seasoning, use the parmesan grater to grate a clove of garlic on each, and park as much grated cheddar/mozarella as you can pack on it, top with a slice of Emmental.  Cover with a thick slice of middle bacon (the stuff that is one piece of back AND streaky), mill pepper and cover again with more grated cheddar/mozz mix.

Stick that in your convention microwave and combination cook on 140C for 30 minutes.

Heat your wo (which will have plenty of flavored fat still) again to smoking.  Park the baked chicken (cheese side up) in there and fry for about 5-8 minutes until it's cooked through (the bottom will not be cooked when it comes out of the microwave!)

Serve and eat.

Day 4: 

This fat has a bit of cheese in it, so browning meat is not such a good idea, but heating the wo gently to medium and frying some mushrooms and pouring beaten eggs for an omlette is going to make a nice tasting breakfast.

Now go code some stuff! :)