Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rotring ArtPen Quality Disappointment

I am the (once proud, but not longer) owner of an array of Rotring Artpens.

After finally running out of my stash of ink cartridges I ordered a batch of new ones from Rotring.

Said cartridges now are shorter by 1mm, with the result that my ArtPens now rattle when I write if I carry a spare ink cartridge.

I could of course 'fix' the problem by stuffing some paper in there, but... eh.  I just feel like my entire kit has been vandalised, why not just charge me a few pennies more and sell quality items instead of junk?

From the Rotring home page:

"Technical pens, mechanical pencils, calligraphy pens: Premium performance tools which enable thinking and creativity with precision."

--- if you can put up with the rattle that is!